Are you wearing the same dress to every Social Media Party?

Lets PartyI came across this great little post from Kimberly Allison at  where she gets a great marketing message across using fun analogies to Social Media Parties. Read below… are you wearing the right party gear for your parties?

Please don't wear the same dress to every Social Media “Party”

Social Media has many different networks you can choose to join; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, just to name a few. You may decide to make it easier on yourself or your business by posting your content on one network (Like Facebook), and then push it out to all of the other platforms automatically (the same post, the same words, the same voice).
Please don't do that.
Please don't wear the same dress to every Social Media PARTY!

Let me explain.

I describe Social Media networks as “Parties”.

Social Media PartyFacebook is the KEG PARTY! Woo hoo! Lot's of fun. Very casual. Mostly friends and families talking about vacations what they did on the weekends, asking for recommendations from people they know, etc.

Twitter is the COCKTAIL PARTY. A bit more business-like. You will likely meet a lot of people you don't know. So engagement is key. On Twitter you don't need permission to follow anyone or talk to them. It's a more open forum. This party has a different language than the other Social Media Platforms as you only have 140 characters and people use hashtags here to theme content.

LinkedIn is the Business Breakfast. Not really a party per se, and this platform is all about business. Connecting with others, sharing articles, recruitment. Links work well on this network.

Pinterest is the GIRLS NIGHT OUT PARTY. People share photos on topics like fashion, food, design, travel, parties, babies, pets, and weddings.

Instagram is the Happy Hour PARTY. It's all about sharing photos and connecting with behind the scenes things that no one usually sees. You create a personality for your brand on Instagram. You can't share links on this network.

Besides the networks above being very different in the kind of content shared and language used, there's another BIG reason why you shouldn't post the same thing at the same time on all Social Media networks.

Here it is:
Why should anyone follow you on all of your Social Media networks if you are posting the same thing everywhere? If I already follow you on Twitter, and then I see the same thing on Instagram, and Facebook, I get your content triple in the same moment. Your content can look like Spam and your followers may UNFOLLOW you on every network but one.

You wouldn't wear the same dress to a Business Breakfast as you would to a Keg Party right? Think about it the same way with Social Media. Be specific to your strategy on each network. Nothing says you can't tweak and recycle content from one platform to the other. But don't post the same content on every network at the same time. Adjust the timing, and tweak it to fit the language and style of the Social Media network you are posting to. Be consistent and you will gain more engagement and followers on all of your networks.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don't post on every network. Focus on 1 or 2 and ROCK THEM! Make them AMAZING! Then build on them when you have time.


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